Friday, May 6, 2011

Many Faces of Willem Dafoe

I saw this Jim Beam commercial where Willem Dafoe talks about the choices we make and how that can lead us in tons of different directions. The message is fine, I just don't care about it that much, but Willem is looking great in it. No matter what the style of dress, or even as a sumo he's looking great. There is a picture of him with a shaved head and tattoos and that got me thinking about other actors with sweet fake tattoos. Brad Pitt in Snatch was one, as well as Guy Pearce in Momento These ones are the coolest I can think of, and also Angelina Jolie from Wanted was another, but half of her Tattoos are real, so I decided no to include them on here. Check out that commercial HERE, it's pretty sweet.

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