Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Riding Round In Style!

I found this bike while looking for a fixed gear or single speed to emulate while building my future bicycle for this summer. Then I came across this little gem of a single speed! It is one of the most amazingly classic bikes I've seen in a long long time. But the funny thing is, I had the idea to make a bike that looked exactly like this last year, but my friends talked me out of building it, convincing me that the color scheme of creme and burgundy was a tad feminine. Now that I have seen this bike, I don't want any other colors to adorn my bike for the summer. It's just far too eye catching to pass up the chance to ride such a beautiful bike.

I would've considered buying this bike stock, if it wasn't 1900 dollars. But no matter, I am going to build a similar yet far more superior bike for less than half the price. But this is what it is going to look like. So check it. You can check out the specs HERE. A review and far cooler pictures of it HERE. Also HERE is just a sweet website to give you inspiration if you ever decide to fix up that old ten speed. Get out of your house and just be outside people. It's summer.

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