Monday, September 13, 2010

The Plaid Shirt

Is it here to stay? Looks like it. The more flamboyant colors have disappeared, but the more subtle darker plaids have endured their short lived faddish period. I didn't think they would've lasted but they're still around, along with many other work wear looks. The coated canvas jacket, work boots, and thick uncoated canvas pants are what the cool kids are wearing these days. A.P.C Denim and Carhartt joined forces on some denim and other work wear. I like this look. I'm excited to see people sporting it.


  1. Everyone loves a workin man. Or at least a guy who looks like he's a workin man. And a good plaid. Everyone loves a good plaid.

  2. mmmmm he is attractive

    plaid is alright i guess, i mean--i like it.